MOU Between Kouga Municipality & The KBF



THE KOUGA MUNICIPALITY (herin referred to as the Municipality)


THE KOUGA BUSINESS FORUM (herin referred to as the Forum)

WHEREAS, there has been a history of co-operation between the Municipality and the Forum, and WHEREAS both parties wish to reaffirm their current co-operation agreement, their relationship and their intention to continue to the development and growth of the Kouga Region and the upliftment of all the inhabitants


The Municipality and the Forum agree to a partnership in order to achieve the undermentioned:

(a) to promote economic growth and development of the Kouga Area

(b) to promote co-operation and joint projects that lead to development within the areas of business and industry, tourism and agriculture

(c) to support initiatives that promote development of infrastructure and services

(d) to work together for the social and economic upliftment of all people in the Kouga Area

(e) to support iniatives that lead to good governance and ethics

(f) to work towards achieving the goals of BEE and LED

(g) to identify projects and opportunities that can be utilized and implemented for the benefit of the Kouga Community

(h) to co-operate in all areas where communication and involvement with Local Government are required in the interest of the Kouga Community

Accordingly the parties agree to establish a Working Committee with three
representatives each of the Municipality and the Forum. The Committee so

established shall meet monthly at a venue and time to be agreed upon to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern and to facilitate the co-operation envisaged in this contract

The Municipality and the Forum solemnly declare that there involvement in
the above process will be in good faith and with the commitment to achieve the stated objectives for the benefit not only of the community in (b) above, but of all the people in the Kouga Area.